Do This In Remembrance of Me: Sharing the Lord’s Supper

In our community, we gather in smaller groups each month and share the Lord’s Supper together. Usually someone bakes some actual unlevened bread, and we have some wine or grape juice to share. We share the Lord’s Supper together as a meal. (We do this together with the whole church, too, but less frequently.)

To be honest, when we first started these meals together, they were a bit awkward. Many of us were used to partaking of communion formally in a church building with a priest or pastor leading everyone in what to do. But the beauty of organic church is that we are all priests, and we all now share the responsibility of ministering the life of Christ when we gather together.

As I thought about this awkwardness as we were heading to share the Lord’s Supper with some brothers and sisters, I recalled Jesus’ words when He shared the first New Covenant meal with His disciples: “Do this in remembrance of Me.” (Luke 22:19) I wondered if it could really be that simple. What if we just spent our time together remembering Christ?

We met together with the other saints and began to share with each other while the food was prepared. A brother brought a couple of guests with him that hadn’t been exposed to organic church before. Later, as we sat down to dinner, the awkwardness settled in as we all stared at the bread.

I took a piece, and shared that we could spend our dinner time remembering Christ, the things He has done for us, revealed to us, or recalling stories from the Scriptures (and trying to tell them from memory). We then had a wonderful time reflecting on many great things that the Lord has done for us. As the dinner came to an end, we passed the cup and remembered the new covenant by which Christ lives inside of us. It was very beautiful and it flowed naturally.

Our dinner was nothing fancy. But we remembered our Lord anew and grew closer to Him and to each other. The two guests were intrigued and they came to a church meeting with us after dinner. I can’t think of a better outcome for a Lord’s Supper!


2 comments on “Do This In Remembrance of Me: Sharing the Lord’s Supper

  1. That is really beautiful brother. I have felt the same thing and hearing the way you remembered Him gives some very helpful advice to do just that remember Him, remind each other of who He is.

  2. Thanks, Seth. It was very freeing to realize that we don’t have to be religious about it. I can’t wait to share a Lord’s Supper with you.

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