Organic Church Life: A Night for the Sisters

The brothers in the church I am part of wanted to do something for the sisters in our church. As we talked about it in a brothers’ meeting, we decided to create a restaurant atmosphere and serve them a fancy dinner. We rented a local hall and started assigning all the brothers different things to take care of. As time drew closer, we gave the sisters an invitation for the evening, with a time, location, and instructions to dress up (we didn’t give any details as to what was going to happen).

On the night of the event, the brothers worked together all afternoon to transform the hall into a small restarurant. We arranged a long table with fancy tablecloths, floating candles, flower petals, candies, and place settings. Some brothers worked in the kitchen preparing salmon and chicken dishes, salads, appetizers, and other food for the event. We designated waiters, food preparers, servers, valets, and entertainment.  We all dressed up and wore ties.

We requested that all the sisters meet together at a sister’s house and then carpool over to the dinner. We gave them directions and put out balloons to guide them to the hall. As the sisters arrived, they were greeted by our valets, then welcomed to The Agape House by the host. Waiters showed them to round tables that were set up with drinks as a place to talk until all the sisters arrived. Carefully chosen music set the mood.

Later, the sisters were seated and appetizers were served. The waiters announced the menu options and took orders as brothers in the kitchen prepared plates. A game was prepared in which the sisters had to look at a few facts about each brother and figure out which one was false. After dessert, the brothers read a letter that was written as Christ speaking to each sister in turn. We then said a few last words to the sisters and gave them the rest of the evening to do whatever they wanted.

The brothers stayed behind to clean up the hall and return it to its original form. I was amazed at how the night unfolded. Each brother jumped in to do his part and serve the sisters. At one point, a sister asked one of the brothers serving them whose idea a particular detail was. The brother responded that the credit went to all of us because we all act together as one mind. This night was a beautiful picture of that reality in Christ. And, yes, the sisters were blown away!


2 comments on “Organic Church Life: A Night for the Sisters

  1. I have heard of these kinds of events in the church but have not been a part of one. The closest I’ve come is attending a dinner hosted by managers where I work, in one of their homes, with a group of us who won a contest. The managers “turned the tables” and waited on us the entire evening. It was powerful. There’s something about serving others, genuinely, from the heart, that taps into God in a way that no words can. Thanks for your post!

    • Lisa,

      Thank you for the encouraging comment. I’ve been enjoying your blog as well! I pray that you will find an experience like this, someday. The sisters have done many things for us as well. It is a beautiful picture of Christ when we serve each other in this way.

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