Christ our Penguin

I believe Christ is in and can be seen through all things (John 1:3).  This includes movies, music, poetry, artwork, nature.  Every piece of art is a story in itself, and all stories point to Christ and God’s eternal purpose in some way.

I heard this song (Penguin, by Christina Perri) as I was driving around town today, and I was captivated by the picture of our Lord’s desire to love us and to be loved by us in return.  Truly, our Lord is in love with His family and His bride.

As you watch and listen to the video, imagine our Christ calling you away to fellowship with Him.

The lyrics are in the video (in a very creative way).  I hope you enjoy it, too!


8 comments on “Christ our Penguin

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  3. Thanks for sharing this here Mark! I love this song! Never heard it before. But, I so much agree with you that this applies to our relationship with Christ, who is our PENGUIN, who mates once in life, and this speaks of His unbreakable bond with us in marriage and intimacy and love. What is really interesting is that I was watching “Mr. Popper’s Penguins last night and was seeing some of the same parallels and seeing it in this movie, as an illustration of the body of Christ, His church, in that we are really all penguins, it’s our DNA in Him. Great post here bro!

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