What I’ve Learned in Organic Church Blog Series

Several of the saints in our “organic” church are sharing in a series titled “What I’ve Learned in Organic Church” and will be posting each Wednesday for the next several weeks starting today.

An introduction to the series is here.

The first post is here.

I’ll be posting an article on January 18th (next Wednesday) here on the blog titled “What I’ve Learned in Organic Church: The Life of the Church Flows from Christ’s Life in Us, Not From Our Activity”.

Other bloggers participating and well worth following:

R.C. Babione

Brigette Babione 

Nathan Burgman

Jackie Dukes 

Marc Hardy 

Seth Roach 

Tobias Valdez

Carrie Walters


5 comments on “What I’ve Learned in Organic Church Blog Series

  1. The Lord said we should proclaim release to the captive. That means, among other things, telling people that they don’t have to go to church. Instead, they should live with the Lord.

    • Thank you for your comment. Living by the Lord’s life is key, but church is not something that we “go to” in the first place. The ekklessia is a living organism made up of many believers. Being built together with other believers is an essential part of learning Christ and being built up in him. I don’t personally agree with the traditional form of western church with a specialized class of Christians (clergy, priests, pastors) and choose to participate in a gathering where the “priesthood of all believers” is understood and practiced.

      • Mark, I agree with much of what you say. I would only differ on the point that the true ekklesia consists of those who gather to Him, not each other.

        Nevertheless, God bless you as you continue to seek Him.

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