Highlighting Two Great E-books

I would like to point your attention to two great e-books that I have read recently.

The first is Epic Jesus, by Frank Viola.  This was originally delivered as a conference message, and was then converted into a short e-book.  This little book brings a stunning revelation of Christ throughout the scriptures, and brings God’s eternal purpose into view.  The book is about 20 pages, and can be purchased here for $3.99.  The original audio message is available for free at this link as well.

Secondly, I would like to point you to an e-book titled Junia is Not Alone, by scholar Scot McKnight.  It’s another short read, but well worth your time.  Here’s the product description from amazon.com:

In this fierce essay, leading Bible scholar Scot McKnight tells the story of Junia, a female apostle honored by Paul in his Letter to the Romans—and then silenced and forgotten for most of church history. But Junia’s tragedy is not hers alone. She’s joined by fellow women in the Bible whose stories of bold leadership have been overlooked. She’s in the company of visionary women of God throughout the centuries whose names we’ve forgotten, whose stories go untold, and whose witness we neglect to celebrate.

Not only does this book highlight the important role women play in the scriptures, it gives some insight into how we have arrived with our english translations of the Bible.

You can order the Kindle version of the book here.  The Nook version is here.  Both are $2.99.


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