Mary Has Chosen…

“but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:42

I have just a short meditation today on choices. It seems to me that the Christian life, a life lived by the indwelling Spirit, is a life of choosing the good, better part. Because we are still mingled with our sinful nature, we must constantly choose to put those desires down and partake of what is better: the indwelling life of Jesus Christ.

I have found in my own life that I often choose what is worse because I am accustomed to it. For example, I choose to eat unhealthy food because I am so used to a specific flavor or feeling, despite knowing that eating healthy food is better. I grow frustrated with myself when I fail to choose what I know is better food that provides a healthier life. Perhaps there is some fear that the healthy food really won’t fill or satisfy me as though it should. And so I turn back and choose what is familiar.

When my wife and I talk about eating healthier food, I get excited thinking about the benefits and determine to never eat unhealthy again. But this is mostly an emotional response. When reality confronts me, I realize that I have not yet chosen to build the habit of eating the better food. Habits are not built magically through emotional responses; they are developed over time by consistently choosing what is better.

Mary walks right past what she is supposed to do, where she is supposed to be, and what is familiar to her. She breaks the Jewish customs of the day that disallow women to be disciples of a Rabbi. She sits with the men in their space. Mary recognizes and chooses her Lord, despite the risk. And she is praised by Jesus.

When you choose to spend time with the Lord, focus on Him, love Him, serve Him, His Spirit grows in you. May the church today be one that chooses Christ above all else, moment by moment, just as Mary has demonstrated for us.


4 comments on “Mary Has Chosen…

  1. Great post. Thank you for sharing. You are right it is the choosing the better part each time we are faced with the decisions. So many times we are moved by our emotions but like you said they don’t last. I

  2. Yes, how many times we are in Rom. 7:15-20 – the good that I desire I don’t do and the bad that I don’t desire I do. We need a lot of practice to move into Rom. 8 and live one with the indwelling Spirit.

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