Wow.  It is really 2013.  Time seems to keep moving faster and faster…

I’ve thought about what I want to accomplish in 2013, and one big thing I would like to improve is discipline.  As time continues to accelerate, I’m finding I have to be pretty intentional with mine.  I’ve also found that I don’t have much discipline these days.  A lot of that comes from raising a family, which doesn’t leave much time left anyway.  But my kids are little older now and I’m finding that I have a little more free time, enough to actually think about managing it.

So, I’m hoping to develop some discipline this year, especially in the area of pursuing Christ, and I’m hoping to share more through the blog.  Which was my intention last year, but, well, I didn’t have any… yep you guessed it, discipline.

My goal is to post more consistently through the year.  And I’ve given the blog a slight makeover to help encourage me.

I’m working on a series of interviews with various saints around the country who are meeting and living in first century style churches (hopefully that will be coming soon).  And I have several ideas and articles already started.

We’ll see how it goes!



4 comments on “2013

  1. May The Lord bless you in this. I’m also looking to be more disciplined in pursuing The Lord and blogging this year. Perhaps we could encourage one another a little more in these.

    That being said, I’m looking forward to your series of interviews. It is always a blessing to hear from other saints along the way.

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