Your Actual Identity Part V: Familiar (Mark Lake)

This article by me was posted today at my friend Michael Young’s blog…

All Things in Christ

In this installment of the Identity Series, Mark Lake shares on how we are “familiar” with Jesus. I believe you will find this post to be very insightful and edifying.

Mark is a great brother and loves the Lord so much. He has a way of sharing our Lord in very practical, yet very beautiful ways. I suggest you read his blog and subscribe. Read Mark’s blog HERE.



Your Actual Identity: Familiar

I’ve noticed recently that in the past few months I haven’t felt as familiar with Christ as I have in the past.  In seeking to spend time with Christ I have mostly resorted to praising Him for His beauty, majesty, generosity, mercy, faithfulness, love, and so on.

Certainly Jesus is all of those things and infinitely more, and there is nothing wrong with telling Him.  But I’ve been using this praise as a substitute for intimacy.

Imagine a…

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One comment on “Your Actual Identity Part V: Familiar (Mark Lake)

  1. yes I read the article and it was very good–there is no doubt that familiarity is vital in relationships–without it you would be just strangers and the Christian life is all about jesus living his life out of us so its very important to be in relationship with him so others will see Christ coming out of us.

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