Caves and Islands

A wonderful view of what Christ has done with our shame and fear!

Harvest of Pearls


Shame’s Island
Most often, shame is seen through the eyes of others. We shame one another, and we do so when we think we are helping by our attempt to correct one another with our own perceptions of one another. In my experience, it is usually the pointing finger of shame that sees itself, instead of the one it is pointing to with its poisonous arrow.

Shame dwells on a lonely shadow-island bound by its illusion. Shame isolates, shame divides us. Jesus despised shame. In our Father’s eyes we have no shame because Jesus took our shame away. He is the Life-giving Spirit who lives in us. He is not shamed in the eyes of God, and so, neither are we shamed. If God does not shame us, then why is it that we shame one another?

Shame is the opposite of Acceptance.

According as He did choose us in…

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